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Cutting-edge, 3D virtual reality technology is finally available in Cincinnati. You can now create a completely immersive experience for your clients or customers in just a few hours. The best part is…you don’t need to lift a finger. 513 Oval Room offers a completely turn-key service. Our technicians visit the space, perform the scanning, and piece together a world-class virtual tour for you. We even host the virtual tour in our cloud so there is nothing to download or mess with. Just a simple link, that we provide, is all you will need! Explore how virtual reality can bring your space to life.

A Step by Step guide

  • Step 1: Book and pay for your service online here.

  • Step 2: Your appointment will be approved by our Technical Team and you will receive an email confirmation and helpful hints to get your property ready.

  • Step 3: Our technicians come to the property or venue to film the virtual tour. This process is quite extensive and can very in time time depending on the square footage of the property.

  • Step 4: Once we’ve scanned the property or venue, our technicians create and edit the tour (this takes up to 12 hours) which eventually builds out the 3D model and tour.

  • Step 5: You will receive an email from us that includes various links to access the virtual tour as well as a collection of still images. We will also provide you recommendation on how to get your virtual tour as much exposure as possible! The virtual tour is available in the cloud and accessible from any device connected to the internet. There is nothing you need to download. See an example here.

  • Step 6: Ask about our Promo Codes or Discounts and schedule another service!

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